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Presonus Studio One Recording Software

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Product Description

An Easy-to-Use Feature-packed DAW

PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Professional continues in the tradition of its highly-recommended forerunner by vastly expanding capability without making it more complicated to use. Whether you are trying to quantize tracks, timestretch, or master your finished music, Studio One 2.5 Professional lets you do it with ease. With the addition of over 100 new features such as transient detection and editing, integrated pitch correction, easy interface configuration, enhanced mastering tools, and content sharing over the PreSonus Exchange, Studio One 2.5 Professional is a powerful DAW that's ready to make your biggest recording projects easier than ever. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today and find out more about the incredible Studio One 2.5 Professional! 


PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Professional Music Creation and Production Software at a Glance:

  • Over 100 new enhancements
  • More features to juice your creativity
  • Transient detection and editing
  • Handy Start page, friendly navigation
  • Fix your vocals with Melodyne pitch correction
  • Create production-quality masters - in the box
  • Spice up your recordings with all-new plug-ins
  • Share content with other Studio One users

Over 100 new enhancements
The upgraded and enhanced PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Professional offers over 100 new features that make your recording and mixing duties easier than ever. Presonus Studio One is known for being robust and powerful, but easy to use. This new version adds more function and capability but still keeps it all very easy to use. One new feature is Single-swipe Comping, with automatic beaming into parts that makes comping much faster and more powerful. If your projects have large track counts, you'll really appreciate another cool enhancement, Folder Track Editing, which lets you edit directly on the folder track with a waveform preview for all tracks in the folder. Multitrack transform lets you instantly turn complex multi-output virtual instruments into audio tracks - and back again. What a time (and headache) saver this one is! 

More features to juice your creativity
In PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Professional, Ampire XT has has received a complete overhaul, with all-new cabinet impulse responses and reworked amp models for a major boost in sound quality. With 2.5, you'll also enjoy easier and faster editing of automation envelopes, audio export enhancements, the ability to re-record from buses, drag-and-drop effects directly onto events in the arrangement, built-in parallel processing on PreSonus Native Effects, and the ability to instantly apply or remove legato from MIDI tracks. These and many more updates give PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Professional the ideal combination of performance and ease of use.

Transient detection and editing
Transient detection and editing lets you quantize mutlitrack drums in two easy steps: 1) group all of your drums together, 2) quantize. Studio One 2.5 Professional takes care of all the transient analysis and phase-coherent quantization for you. Tons of new features, upgrade and plug-ins make PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Professional amazingly powerful and easy to use. 

Handy Start page, friendly navigation
A powerful tool that will appeal to professionals and hobbyists alike, the Start page allows you to access recent songs and projects, create new ones, configure external devices, and access tutorial information, demo songs, and a special PreSonus news feed. You can download updates and support materials directly from the Start page, without ever leaving Studio One 2.5 Professional.

Fix your vocals with Melodyne pitch correction
PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Professional takes the pain out of one of the more tedious processes out there - pitch correction. PreSonus has partnered with Melodyne, one of the most respected pitch correction software companies out there, to make fixing vocals and other pitch issues easier than ever. Instead of having to export the audio, open it up and tweak it, then import it back in, and deal with all the file management issues, Studio One 2.5 Professional has built Melodyne in so it is as simple as turning on a plug-in. No hassle, fast pitch correction using one of the highest-regarded programs in the industry. PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Professional makes recording, mixing, and mastering easy.

Create production-quality masters - in the box
The Project page is a complete mastering solution that is fully integrated with the rest of the program. The Project page includes all the necessary tools to create a production-quality master, including effects, crossfades, volume envelopes, and meters. In addition, Studio One 2.5 Professional creates an intelligent link when songs are placed in a Project for mastering, automatically updating any changes to the original tracks or subsequent mixes. From basic tracking to multiple-release mastering, Studio One 2.5 Professional is the complete solution.

Spice up your recordings with all-new plug-ins
Take your recording to the next level with the new plug-ins included in PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Professional. Ensure that your guitar takes sound the best they can with the new Ampire XT plug-in. New amp models, convolution-based cabinet models, and a larger effects selection give you amazing guitar tones. The new tone generator lets you analyze and calibrate your listening environment for accurate frequency and response.

Share content with other Studio One users
Registered Studio One users have access to the PreSonus Exchange, where you can upload and download content and easily share instrument and effects presets, effects chains, soundsets, and much more! The community features ratings and comments that lead you to the best content!

PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Professional Music Creation and Production Software Features:

  • Elegant single-window work environment
  • Melodyne pitch correction
  • Single and multitrack comping
  • Transient detection and editing
  • Multitrack MIDI editing
  • Over 100 new features
  • Powerful drag-and-drop functionality
  • Unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
  • Content browser with convenient sort options and preview player
  • Access to the PreSonus Exchange community hub for sharing user-created content
  • Integrated mastering solution with automatic mix updating, waveform editing, and effects 
  • Red Book CD burning, and digital release
  • Automatic delay compensation
  • Advanced automation
  • 64-bit processing (even on 32-bit machines)
  • Easy-to-use sidechain routing
  • 64-bit effects suite
  • Stunning virtual instruments
  • User-friendly sampler
  • Most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available
  • Real-time audio timestretching and resampling
  • AU, VST2, VST3, and ReWire support
  • K System metering
  • Gigabytes of inspiring content
  • Compatible with any ASIO-, Windows Audio-, or Core Audio-compliant audio interface

PreSonus Studio One 2.5 Professional is powerful and easy-to-use!

Specification Detail
Software Type DAW
Supported Computer Format Mac, PC
Supported Plug-In Formats AU, VST
Supported Audio Formats ASIO, Windows Audio, Core Audio
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel® Core Duo processor, 2GB Memory
Hardware Requirements - PC Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon X2 processor, 2GB Memory
OS Requirements - Mac MAC OS X 10.6.8 OR HIGHER
OS Requirements - PC WINDOWS XP, VISTA, 7 (32- OR 64-BIT)
Manufacturer Part Number S1PROFESSION2

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