ClearSonic LidPac 5-3D (Dark Gray)

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More Coverage, More Isolation

Do you have an IsoBooth but want to cut even more noise down? You need to add a lid to your system. The ClearSonic LidPac 5-3D is a dark grey lid made from Sorber material to absorb and greatly reduce sound. The LidPac is 6' wide and 5.5' deep. Keep the noise from drum kits, guitar amps, or vocal booths isolated. This will help keep external noise down and also give your isoated mics as clean and clear a signal as possible. Finish off your isolation booth by adding a ClearSonic LidPac 5-3D.

ClearSonic LidPac 5-3D Features at a Glance:

  • Dark Grey finish
  • Made of sound absorbing material
  • Isolate you signal to the fullest
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