ClearSonic SORBER S2 (Light Gray)

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  • ClearSonic SORBER S2 (Light Gray)
  • ClearSonic SORBER S2 (Light Gray)
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Take Control of Your Studio or Stage Sound!

The ClearSonic SORBER S2 baffle helps you tame your sound onstage or in the studio. Made to work with ClearSonic's acrylic panels or wall mounted, the SORBER S2 is easy to place and very effective at absorbing sound. This 24" x 22" x 1.5" baffle is made from rigid fiberglas encased in heavy-duty carpet. The exterior is very Velcro friendly, so it's easy to attach and hang the SORBER S2. 

When you need to take control of your onstage or studio sound, you need ClearSonic isolation products. ClearSonic components and systems help keep amplifiers and drum kits from overwhelming the room, without sacrificing visibility. Clear acrylic panels and extenders let performers see out (and let your audience see the performers) while reining in the loud volumes acoustic drums and guitar amplifiers can generate. ClearSonic also has the components and sound-absorbing baffles you need to make your setup complete. Whether you need a small panel setup for your amplifier, a full isolation booth for the drum kit, or something in-between, ClearSonic has a solution for you!

ClearSonic SORBER S2 Absorption Baffle Features:

  • Constructed from fiberglas encased in heavy-duty cloth
  • Reduces reflections
  • Works well with Velcro
  • Works with ClearSonic panels 
  • Can be wall mounted to improve room acoustics
  • 24" H x 22" W x 1.5" D
  • Color: Light Gray
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