StudioLogic Numa Organ 2 - Organ Synthesizer

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  • StudioLogic Numa Organ 2 - Organ Synthesizer
  • StudioLogic Numa Organ 2 - Organ Synthesizer
  • StudioLogic Numa Organ 2 - Organ Synthesizer
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Designed to turn the wheels. And then some.


The Numa Organ 2 sound models have been designed to give a wide variety of sounds, derived from the analysis of the main characters of some of the most popular organs, allowing you to build combinations using the drawbars and all the available post processing effects (Vibrato, Chorus, Rotary, Reverb, Drive, Click, Leakage).


The Numa Organ 2 provides a stunningly accurate reproduction of some of the most respected Tone Wheel Organs, and captures many of the characteristics of these great Acoustic & Electronic Organs, whilst adding full flexibility of customized mixing, editing and control.

More than one organ.

Using the reversed octave you can select one of the 7 different sound models between Tonewheel Organs, Electric Organs and Church diapason.


Grab the sound and hear its noise.

The extended control panel allows to use more than 30 physical controls to fit the sound to your favorite taste. Adjust the parameters to reproduce all the authentic electromechanical noises.



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