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The Musical Garage Advantage


At Musical Garage, we have one single goal in mind: to make you a satisfied customer. We make our goal to help you solve your needs and that focus, driven from every corner of our company, is the key to our success. If you're a satisfied customer, you'll come back to us for more and bring your friend along with you. We are your friends.



  • Yeah, Just get in the store!.... It is actually never like that.

    Have you ever walked in a store and find amigable faces looking to help you with your needs?.

  • It is never like that, actually i remember walking through the door and wait somes times more than 1 hour for the only gear guru available and after waiting the guy´s main goal was push the sale to me without actually listen to what we needed.

  • How difficult can it be just to listen, understand, think and then try to help someone? It seems that no one wants to make the effort
  • That very simple concept is the reason Musical Garage was founded in the first place. Back in 1986 in Bolvia, South America,Victor and Rui Prado sons of a preacher had a 8-track recording studio at home. They´ve record their band and some local bands in churches and schools.  Like every musician and studio owner, They were always looking for new and better gear.

  • That's where the issue of finding gear really was a problem...there wasn't a music/pro audio dealer around that provided the kind of service and support they needed. There was this void and the brothers saw a niche, and Musical Garage Consulting was born. However was until 2008 in Honduras, Central America the brothers felt the urge to help Musicians and Churches. Been sons of a Minister they knew how difficult was to equip or manage Worship bands and be worship leaders they decided to build a different kind of store.

  • This new kind of store was ment to be a hub for arts. A place where you can come in to stay and enjoy been amoung friends. Like Family. 
  • A 3 story building made out of cheap used shipping containers was built with Music Store, Music School, Auditorium for Arts even a mini Hotel and cafeteria. You get the idea!


  • store-inside-1.jpgAn Unparalleled Experience

    From Day One, Musical garage was committed to providing a retail experience for customers that was unparalleled - the sort of experience Victor and Rui always sought as a customer. Word of their commitment to service, the gear knowledge, and the support offered spread, and Musical Garage quickly expanded, Now with the online store musicalgarage.com
    The vision is to serve the online customer the same way as been in the brick and mortar store.

  • If you need advise our consulting team will fly to where your Church is and provide of onsite survey and analysis and will present you the best gear to fulfill your needs and will also train your people.

  • Our Values

    It comes down to values. At Musical Garage we truly value our customers. We place you first, in every situation. Whether you need advice, guidance, support...whatever it takes to ensure that you purchase the best product for your needs and that you get the most out of it is what we want to provide. 

    We consider our customers to be our friends. And, we treat you, our friends, in the same way that we want to be treated - with caring, professionalism, and a true interest in your success. We believe that if you are successful, and if you are satisfied in your dealings with us, then we will in turn be successful.

  • The Musical Garage advantage

    We call all of this "Musical Garage Advantage" - a combination of customer service, after-sale support, and as much extra value as we can possibly pile on top of an already great deal to ensure that you come away from dealing with us with a smile on your face and with the gear you need to achieve your musical and audio goals.

  • Thank You

    We're very greatful that you would give us the chance to earn your business by either calling us or visiting our site. We hope that you like what you see, and that you will give us the opportunity to prove that what we have said here is true. We consider it the highest honor when you choose us as your resource for music and audio gear. Thank you very much!