Dealer Request



If you are interested in becoming Musical Garage´s dealer in your country, please send us more information 

Please let us know why do you want to become our dealer and what is your idea of promoting our brand in your country.

We invite contact from everyone wishing to undertake co-operation with us.

phone: +13056779992

Now some basic rules of our potential co-operation. If you really want to start working with us, you have to accept them first.


1. Dealer's sales is limited to the agreed country (area).
2. We always require prepayments. 
3. Our dealership is valid only for 12 months with a possible extension as long as the operation seems successful.


Our price list consists of following items:
a) Minimum retail price with VAT tax (informative),
b) Advised minimum retail price without VAT tax,
c) Three levels of dealer price - Dealer A, Dealer B, Dealer C
Following most common pattern in many industries, we have introduced three pricing levels
depending on a turnover from last or current year (whichever is higher):
- Dealer A - turnover below USD 10 000 
- Dealer B - turnover greater or equal USD 10000 but below USD 20000
- Dealer C - turnover greater or equal USD 20000 
You start with Dealer A level of course, but experience shows that your progress within scheme can be pretty rapid. 
We usually require of our new dealers a first order USD7000.00 at once. All the dealer prices are valid from that very first order.
Your retail price can be higher than given in our price list, but it should not be lower.


Running a dedicated website is a standard nowadays and we expect all our dealers (especially importers) to have one. Putting a hyperlink to Musical Garage on your own website is not satisfactory, neither do we expect you to create a local copy of our site. Even as you are free to use any of its content, your clients will certainly be more happy with regional news, stories of competitions, expeditions, fairs, promotions etc. We want our dealers to keep a high-profile image and maintain good realations with local paragliding community, and this is simply not possible without a good, regularly updated website.

Moreover, dealer of Musical Garage is required to answer any questions from potential customers via phone or an e-mail. This is in his best interest after all :)


We do not supply promotional materials, since we expect it's the dealer who will know how to promote our products in his country in his native language, in the most efficient way. 

We always require prepayments. You can either make a bank transfer (covering all the banks fees) or pay via your credit card. In the last case we have to add VISA organization fees (which are about 3.7%).

We send the goods via UPS,TNT, DHL, USPS or FedEx or your choice of door to door service provider.
The shipment costs are always added to the invoice.


After that you can maintain your dealer status as long as you sell at least USD 12000.00 a year.
If your sale does not reach that number and we are contacted by somebody else willing to make his initial purchase of as much  as your doubled 12 month purchases - we will renegotiate this situation with you.
Dealer has to be aware that we want to reserve the right to finish our co-operation for specific reasons at any time. But even in such radical step, the dealer will be informed about that with one month advance.

Let all that will not discourage you. Having clear rules from the start is a fundament of fair and honest cooperation, so they will serve to our mutual benefit. 
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.