LANEY P65 Guitar Combo 65W

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  • LANEY P65 Guitar Combo 65W
  • LANEY P65 Guitar Combo 65W
  • LANEY P65 Guitar Combo 65W
  • LANEY P65 Guitar Combo 65W
  • LANEY P65 Guitar Combo 65W




One Becomes Many. 

The P65 is the flagship model of the PRISM range. 
Designed to give the user all the benefits and flexibility of a digital amp without any of the nasty sounding drawbacks. 
The P65 is packed full of features and follows the new Laney philosophy in Digital amp design - Gone are the days of simply approximating the sounds of other amplifiers. PRISM looks at the whole picture rather than just concentrating on one aspect of a player's tone. 
The P65 can be used in two modes of operation: - HERO mode and LIVE mode. 
When used in HERO mode you get access to the 11 pre-loaded HERO settings which each take their inspiration from the different amp and effects combinations used on classic guitar recordings. These Inspirational guitar tones range from "clean to extreme" and can be used in their own rights or as building blocks for finding your own tone. Dialing through each of the Prisms hero modes gives you a clear indication of the tonal quality of the P65. 
Each HERO mode is given a name, which clearly indicates where it positions itself. For examples of each HERO modes and how they sound check out the online demos in this section. 

Dialing through each of the HERO modes will also show you the cool LED visual recall - for each mode the position of each control on the P65 is shown by LED indicators around each knob, showing you exactly what each value is. 
In LIVE mode the P65's controls function like a conventional WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) amplifier, but with the cool feature of being able to use one of the 11 different AMP setting as a starting point for producing your own tone. Simply select the AMP mode you want, add the P65's cool variable BOOST feature - works just like sticking a distortion pedal in front of your amp! Adjust the amps controls to suit and then add the effects you want - more on that in a moment - then store the end result to one of the four user channels on the amp by simply pressing and holding the desired channel button for 2 seconds. 

The P65 houses a comprehensive multi-FX Palette consisting of 11 carefully selected effect combinations giving you access to all the classic studio quality effects you'll need. Each effects selection is fully editable with all the key parameters accessible by the TAP and EDIT control functions and combinations of the TAP, A, B & bypass buttons, all of which are fully explained in the manual. 

The P65 generates 65 watts RMS output and houses an 12" Celestion Driver. 
Round the back of the unit the rear panel houses an extension speaker out, a phones / record out socket and the FS2 and FS1 footswitch sockets to enable foot switching of the user channels. The top of the unit is finished off with a very stylish moulded handle. 
The P65 offers a great new take on digital amp design and package everything a player could want into to portable affordable units without sacrificing sonic quality or user interface.





Power RMS 65 Watts
Channels 4 User Channels
Equalisation Bass, Middle and Treble
Boost Switch Adjustable Boost
Footswitch FS1 (boost - not included), FS2 (channel scroll and select - not included)
Speaker connections Extension socket for 8 ohm cab
Drivers Celestion Seventy 80
Effects Multi FX
Headphone Socket Yes
Tuner Output Socket No (built in tuner)
CD Input 3.5mm stereo jack
Weight 15.6 Kg
Dimensions Width 492mm x Height 436mm x Depth 286mm

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