ClearSonic IPC IsoPac C Portable Isolation Booth

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  • ClearSonic IPC IsoPac C Portable Isolation Booth
  • ClearSonic IPC IsoPac C Portable Isolation Booth
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No more Mic Bleed!!!!


Adding a ClearSonic IPC IsoPac C to your live drumming setup will help you level up your sound and reduce headaches at the same time. The IsoPac C is a portable isolation booth that’s helped countless bands prevent mic bleed without shelling out for a massive, fully-enclosed drum booth. You’ll receive a complete kit of ¼-inch acrylic panels to contain reflections. Meanwhile, the included Sorber panels provide top-class acoustic absorption, reducing the overall volume of the kit. Musical Garage Sales Engineers frequently recommend the IsoPac C to worship drummers, bands playing in small and medium venues, and even studio owners. If you want to reduce mic bleed and present a cleaner sound onstage, use a ClearSonic IsoPac C portable isolation booth.


Panels that won’t sacrifice your view

Performing behind a drum shield shouldn’t leave you without a view of your audience. ClearSonic’s drum shields are made from ¼-inch thick acrylic, which cuts down on mic bleed — something your FOH engineer will appreciate. The panels in this system are held together by flexible full-length hinges that lock in your sound for even greater isolation. Each panel features a tooth-in-groove mechanical lock, which helps hold your panels together much more securely. There are also handy cable cutouts for convenient cable routing.


Proprietary Sorber baffles

The included Sorber baffles provide exceptional sound absorption. Each Sorber baffle comes equipped with a proprietary 1.6-inch thick rigid fiberglass core for superior sound absorption. The rigid core enables your Sorbers to stand independently or act as a lid for an acrylic shield. Another thing you’ll appreciate about the Sorber baffle is its fabric jacket. It’s totally receptive to hook-and-loop fasteners, which allows you to attach them to ClearSonic acrylic panels or to other Sorbers. Finally, the sewn jacket seams ensure the fiberglass remains completely covered.

Flexible and expandable

ClearSonic IsoPac portable isolation booths are designed for complete flexibility. Whether you’re using a simple accordion-style shield or the company’s flagship MegaPac booth, these isolation tools help you control your stage dynamics and prevent mic bleed between instruments. They come with flexible hinges that bend 180 degrees in one direction and 90 degrees in the other. This enables users to customize the shield to better fit their needs. If you need a flexible acrylic shield, order yours from Musical Garage today.


ClearSonic IsoPac C Portable Isolation Booth Features:

  • Prevents unwanted mic bleed and reduces drum
  • ¼-inch thick acrylic panels contain unruly sound
  • Cable cutouts for convenient cable management
  • Sorber baffles absorb sound for further isolation
  • Modular design grows with you
  • Flexible hinges allow accordion-style folding and compact storage.
  • Dimensions: 6 feet wide, 7 feet deep, 5.5 feet tall


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