T-Rex Engineering Tunemaster Guitar Pedal Tuner

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  • T-Rex Engineering Tunemaster Guitar Pedal Tuner
  • T-Rex Engineering Tunemaster Guitar Pedal Tuner
  • T-Rex Engineering Tunemaster Guitar Pedal Tuner
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The Tunemaster is a no-frills chromatic tuner that does one thing really well: Showing you if you are in tune or not, without needing a magnifier at hand to know if you are good to go. The large display and LEDs are designed to make it REALLY clear when your guitar or bass is in tune, especially when tuning in difficult lightings or from a distance. Furthermore, The Tunemaster can also help you when it is bypassed; We added a buffer with its own output level, so you can make use of the buffer´s ability to bring back sparkle in the tone AND add a little "beef" to the signal. Lastly, we made this feature selectable, so rewiring the circuit for true bypass is only a flick of a switch away.

The Tunemaster ensures that both your guitar´s tuning and your tone are never compromised in a no-nonsense, low-noise and high-precision tuner that focuses on being IN tune, not how much you are out of tune.

Chromatic tuner with line drive.

  • Ultra-simple operation
  • Big note display with red up/down indicators
  • Green leds surrounding the display for "in tune" indication
  • Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass

Everything you need in a tuner, and nothing you don't. Order today.

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